Pouring Rain

I blink my eyes and shake my head. Glamour; things are not as they seem. I could see now the Demon and his companion were just people in costumes. I know my imagination can run wild, but really? Was it bravery, stupidity or complete insanity that made them act that way? I didn’t know. As long as they stay way up there, or get off. We have enough oddness on this bus we don’t need more.

More to the point I don’t think Gloria and her child need any more excitement. Her child has been coping well with the stress. I just don’t want to take the chances that delivering the baby on this bus would mean.

Rain is pouring now. It’s amazing that the bus driver can see. I look out the window fascinated by the lightning and thunder. The storm seems to be surrounding the bus, following us. I feel tired and drained. Where is the sun, or the moon? Where is the sky?

Where is Gloria’s stop? It would be horrible if she slept past it. I gently shake her.

“Where are you getting off?” I ask quietly

The End

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