Taking a break

I get up from my seat and go to the bathroom. I need a break from the stench of blood. Knowing my luck it won’t be much better in the bathroom, but I can rest for a moment, relax a little. And take the stupid contacts out.

Standing in the cramped little room, I grip the edge of the miniature sink, gazing into the dirty mirror. My reflection stares back at me, the hunger on my eyes fairly obvious. I was right, the smell of blood was as bad in here, but as I took the contacts out, I managed to remain calm. Relaxing, I let my eyes water in momentary relief. I blink the tears away, annoyed that I now looked like I was crying. I look around, exhaling gustily. I should probably go back in a minute, or people will wonder what I'm doing. A lot of people seemed to be looking at me out there. Surely they can’t tell...? apart from the wolf girl, that is, and the guy who attacked me when that girl walked past me. That had been too close.

Control yourself, Alex. The voice in my head told me. Well duh.

I chose to ignore that. I don’t care if people wonder where I am. I lean against the sink this time, facing away from the mirror, and consider my life as a vampire. There were obvious disadvantages, my reliance on human blood, aversion to strong sunlight which made me need to cover up, the eyes and the large canines. But the super strength rocks, the ability to heal within seconds and the fact that most legends about vampires being wrong were fair upsides to the lifestyle I had been landed with. For example, a vampire’s “allergy” to religion was wrong. I didn’t mind that humans didn’t know that though. Made it more fun when I ended up with a hunter on my trail. Garlic just gives me bad breath and holy water is just water, really. You could capture a vampire’s image, which made it easier to stay unnoticed. If someone took a picture and you didn’t come out properly, you would end up with hunters finding you everywhere you went. Even so, it was safer to keep on the road.

In my thoughtful mood, I ended up wondering when I had last fed. It had been far too long. And it had been a bag of blood stolen from the hospital. Ugh. Cold blood. Still, it worked the same kinda way and that was all I needed. I don’t enjoy killing. But at this rate, I'm going to need to kill too many people to sate this hunger.

Sighing, I put the contacts back in, and ready myself to return to my seat. Taking a deep breath, I open the door and stumble back to row seven and resume my seat. Only the wolf girl really notices. She glares hatefully at me. I pull another bag of crisps out of my rucksack and eat them slowly, distracting myself from my real hunger.


The End

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