Healed...Or Not

I graciously thanked the pale man for bandaging my arm, but I continued towards the front of the bus anyway. I wanted my arm to be fully healed by Mai or the spider girl.

When I got to the first row, I was met by an icy glare. I sheepishly offered my arm to Mai and asked her to heal it.

'My energy is too low.' She told me with a voice that made me think I had done something to offend her. And I didn't believe this excuse for one minute. She must know what I did in the bathroom.

I sulked back up the bus to my seat in the eighth row, passing the demon man who acted like he was 10ft tall. In reality, he was only about 5'8" - not much taller than me.

When I got to my seat I put my head back and tried to sleep.

The End

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