Getting into Charachter

God that was weird.

Two guys at the front were westling.  All of a sudden one of the scary deamon guys started having a dream.


I recognised them. They were actors I had seen them before traveling. The one having the dream was saying something about chuck. It was weird. 

I hoped beth would let them off soon. It was even freakier they went round in their costumes.Maybe they were trying to get into charahcter. I remember the play was based on a book I read.

I was so wraped up in Alexus I guess i didnt care

I was telling her my story.

I had grown up in Detroit. Id lost my mother to disease. My father became alchoholic. I was taken in by my gran and we traveled. She fell ill a while ago. So now I was traveling around the world. To various places for her. Places she wanted me to see.

I loved my gran. I had family back in Detroit I guess I was alot better off than alot of people on this bus.

The End

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