Vampire in hiding

I tense as the girl behind me returns from the toilet. She stinks of blood. What was she doing in there? She must have cut herself or something...

I’m almost thankful the bus was full of demons and wolves or whatever. And a ghost. It’s somewhat... distracting from the smell of blood, the windows are too small to let out much of the smell, but it’s better than nothing.

The ghost was hovering around the guy with tattoos. She looked a bit obsessed, and she was talking to him. Of course, no one else could see the ghost – as far as I knew anyway – so he looked like he was talking to himself. I held back a smirk, knowing he looked like an idiot. She sees me glancing at her and leaves the tattoo guy alone. She’s floating listlessly around the bus, waiting for something.

My contacts are itching. I remember why I don’t usually wear them. I think the girl behind me saw my weird teeth. Well they’re fangs... what can I say. They’re not much bigger than an average human’s canines, but I suppose it’s noticeable. I hadn’t really thought about it too hard before. Note to self – no toothy grins at people.

That wolf girl is still glaring at me. I recognise her from somewhere. Not sure what she has against me though, other than the difference in our species...? Maybe I got in a fight with someone she knew. I swear wolf people stalk me.

I pull some food out of my bag and open the packet, munching on the food inside uninterestedly. Keeping up appearances, right? I glance over at the wolf girl again. Latent violence is rolling off her in almost tangible waves. It’s unnerving.

The smell of blood from behind me rises and rolls over me, almost over powering me. I hear her whimper as she pulls her sleeve back over her arm. She shifts, and gets up. She begins to walk down the bus. I start to sweat with the effort its taking to not grab her and drink from her arm. I might be eating, but I'm so hungry.

She passes my seat and my hand shoots out, grabbing her wrist. I feel sick. This is so hard. Drop her arm. A voice inside me growls, but my body won’t obey. Let her go. I can’t. I breathe in, deeply. I was trying to steady my nerves, but the smell is driven up my nose. I think I'm going insane.

No. Just let her go, and apologise. Get a bandage out of your bag and do first aid for her. Then let her sit back down. I clench my teeth and reluctantly, and with much, much difficulty, I manage to obey the voice. It’s almost impossible, but I do it.

‘What did you do to yourself?’ I ask her as I reach for my bag again, putting the bag of crisps beside me. I pull out a bandage as the voice in my head told me to.

‘Nothing,’ the girl says defiantly, ‘Just a piece of broken glass or something caught my arm earlier.’ She’s lying, I can tell. I don’t argue, I'm too busy arguing with myself.

Someone screams at me and attacks me, throwing me to the floor. They saw me going for her arm. I fight them off and the girl screams. He clings to me. I fight him off again. I grab the bandage again and pull the girl back towards me.

‘I’m trying to help her you idiot!' I yell at the guy. He shakes his head and gets up.

It’s not too late. Feed. You’re so hungry. Relieve yourself. A voice says in the back of my mind.

Bandage her and leave her alone.



On and on and on. I ignore the hunger, and the guy who attacked me. He’s watching me like a hawk. I wrap the bandage around her arm tightly, using the tissue she had as a pad to soak up the blood. ‘Be more careful next time...’ I tell her and let her arm go. She stares at me in slight shock, and then at the guy standing behind me. His glares will get him nowhere.

The End

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