Ghost to Ghost

This couldn't be real. Must be imagination, but what could have made me think of that freak show now. There were other things to think about than her. Maybe I was remembering the accident too much. It just sounded so much like her. I was still stareing at the back of the seat in front of me. Scared to look beside me incase I saw something I wanted to forget. I was freaking out over nothing. I realised I had been staring at the seat a while. Blocking off my sences incase I heard her again.

I snapped my head right. Phew. Nothing was there. I shook my head. Relax Mike she died years ago. You should know.

"I know you hear me sweety" I drew a sharp breath again. I definatly heard her.

"Fancy Anne ?" I wispered it really low under my breath though I could feel more eyes turn on me.

"Sweetheart! You remembered me." I felt soft breath on my cheek.

"I killed you." It was all I could utter.

"I know but i forgive you. I'm still your corpse bride."

"No!" I said that a bit too loud.

"You still have the tatto with my name in" I could feel hands go up my bisep. It was the weirdst feeling ever.

"Anne. This isn't YOUR name. It says Anna. My mothers name."

"You forget silly" I felt the arms leave me and move up my chest. "Baby. We will be together forever. You've aged but your still brilliant. Dont worry Ghost wheels baby. You'll join me soon. I have a plan" I felt lips on mine only the slightest transparent touch. It was cold and clammy. "I'll be back soon babe" She dissapeared. I had to go wash my mouth out.

Ugh the sink had a splatter of blood on. I wiped it with my hands. The hot girl that I thought had growled at me before was back in the arms of the guy in the back. Well one arm a hot blonde was in the other. I walked back down the bus. I knocked the fat girls arm by mistake. Sorry I said steadying her. The pale guy started breathing heavy. Really heavy. His eyes were fixated on the fat ones arm. Opps some of the blood from the sink had wiped on her shirt.

The End

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