Approaching Storm

I am startled awake by a scream. Unlike last time, it’s a guy screaming. By last time, I don’t mean when everyone was screaming at the murderer. I mean when the girl being spit-balled screamed at a spider. I don’t think it was the same spider that turned into a girl. For some reason that transformation hadn’t surprised me.

This bus ride is odd. It’s got me sensing things I never had before. I look back at Gloria. She seems fine, if a bit startled. I think we all were. Who would expect a big guy with tattoos to scream like that. I reach an arm over the seat back and hold it above her belly. The baby’s doing fine.

As I sink back into my seat I look towards the Tattoo guy. There is something odd and shimmering near him. I don’t like the way this feels. I put my books away and sink back into the seat. As if in tune with my feelings the sky becomes very dark. A storm is coming, and I'm not just saying that because a Demon just joined us.

I want the sun back. I want to sit next to Gloria. She and her child don’t deserve this, what have they done to the world? I blink back my anger and frustration.

I can tell that Gloria is younger than me but I’m not sure how much. I wouldn’t dream of traveling alone as near to giving birth as she is. I look back at her, but words get lost in my mouth. I wonder how she manages to be so brave.

The End

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