I had been hoping that this bus would be better than the last, but already some creepy things have happened. I had to fight back a wave of nausea when the lady who looked like she'd been in a car crash came in, but thankfully Mai and her magic hands saved her. But then, of course magic hands weren't wierd enough, so a spider had to change into a girl. Then their fingers glowed. After that, some creepy demon guy came on the bus and told me he was from a story. Wierd.

It must be a dream. Otherwise, I would most definitely have passed out by now.

I realised no one on this bus yet knew my name. Gabby. The next person who talked to me, I would tell them, "My name is Gabby."

A sudden urge overcame me, and I picked up my bag and walked casually to the bathroom. Inside, the space was cramped but a tiny mirror hung over the tiny sink. I unzipped my ragged case and took out my razor.

Once my sleeve was rolled up, I held the blade against my scarred skin and let it trial across it, releasing a warm flow of blood. The metallic scent made me want to vomit, but that was the feeling I relished when I cut myself like this.

After a few more cuts, I wrapped some toilet paper around my arm and pushed my sleeve back down, wincing in pain. Then I flushed the toilet to avoid suspicion.

As I walked casually back to my seat, I noticed the guy infront of me had taken his red conntacts out and was giving me a glare of absolute hatred, his lip pulling back over his lips to reveal two pointed canines.

The End

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