What the heck is going on?

I was dozing contentedly when Mike screamed. I nearly jumped outta my skin and looked around for something, half expecting another murderer or alien to pop out of nowhere. He told me it was a nightmare, I looked confused, but he wouldn't say any more. To amuse myself, I whip out the camera and pan around the bus again. The new girl looks pretty spooked, but she'll be okay, just as long as nothing else creepy happens. Which I wouldn't count on, with that spider just turning into a woman. After panning around, I turn back to Mike:

"You sure you're alright? You look pretty freaked out, what's up?"

He wouldn't reply, but nobody, I repeat nobody, can ignore Ash. I keep looking at him in a puzzled way, but he won't talk. Nuts to it, if he won't talk, he won't talk. I huff in an injured manner and try to doze again. Mike's fidgeting on the seat next to me, I listen intently, to see if he'll talk to me. When he doesn't, I give up. What is with him, surely the nightmare couldn't have been that bad? Could it? With  the mad events on this bus, I wouldn't say it was impossible.

The End

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