Ghostly Stalker

At last, I found him! It's taken me twenty years, but here he is, my one true forever love! I wonder if he'll remember me?  I should think he would, considering that I was the last thing he saw before he crashed.

 It took awhile, but I've finally forgiven him for killing me. I know he didn't mean to do it.  He was nearly killed himself in the crash. Now he's got implanted hearing devices that can probably hear that pregnant teen's baby hiccup. I know he'll be able to hear me, even if he won't allow himself to see me yet.

He was so gorgeous back then I loved him so much! He would learn to love me forever too.. eventually. I have no idea why he had that restraining order brought against me.

I think maybe his fiancé made him do it. She was just jealous of me, that's all. She was too stupid to see that Mike and I belong together forever.

I was the one who gave him his famous stage name. I told him he looked like a ghost because of his long flowing blond hair, and clothing that matched the colour of his bike. Bike and man looked to me like one unit, and the precision of his death defying jumps were performed so well that he didn't look like a man at all, but a ghost wheeler in the sky. He liked that name, so that's what he used as his stage name - Ghost Wheeler. He didn't even thank me.

He could be really ungrateful sometimes. That made me mad. that's why I refused to get off his bike until he acknowledged me as the one who gave him his famous name. He told me that he already had that name when he met me. I was sure it was me who gave it to him. I'm not good with the times and dates of things.

Anyway, he literally picked me up off his bike and lifted me up tipped me into the nearest dumpster. It took me forever to climb out of that smelly old thing! I was so mad, that I think I went a little nuts. As soon as I got out of the garbage bin, I ran after him. He had just revved up for a big stunt that he had never done in public before. I guess timing was pretty important. When I ran out in front of him, I guess it put his timing off.  He tried to avoid me and swerved, but he didn't quite make it. He ran over me, then crashed.

People can be so cruel. Just because I was dead they didn't think I knew the mean things that were being said about me! They said I was the crazy lady that caused Mike's crash! That wasn't true! Mike crashed because his timing was off, that's all.

That's all in the past now. I've forgiven him. It was hard work forcing  my ectoplasm through the skin of the bus. I think the bus felt it. I can't help that, it's not my fault the stupid bus resisted my entry into it.

There he is, there's my Mike! He's got his head back on the seat. I think he's dozing. This is a good time to reintroduce myself to him. I'm invisible to everyone, even Mike, but his sensitive hearing can pick up my voice when I whisper into his ear.

"Mike, Mikey.. it's me, Fancy Anne, your one true love. I could sense your loneliness. I've come for you my darling."


Mike screamed and jumped upright in his seat. That scared the guy beside him, and he jumped up too.

"Sorry," Mike said to his seat mate.

"I just had the worst nightmare ever!!!"

The End

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