I feel uncomfortable.

I've been called to replace an old bus. That's happened before, so there is nothing unusual about that. But the bus I've been asked to replace- god- it looks like World War 3 took place inside. Blood everywhere. Dead body. And then I see FBI agents crawling around, cleaning up the place. God.

All the people I'm carrying are kinda... odd. Some have healing hands, some have red eyes, some have growling voices. Some have red and black stripy hair. It would just look like a really good doctor, some punk in red contacts, and a girl who dyed her hair to any normal human.

But buses have better senses than humans. We have to. So many accidents take place because of the driver's unattentive-ness... but about as many are stopped because of a bus' instinct. I can see, and sense the slightest hazard. I've also seen a lot. Maybe I haven't been around as much as the other bus, but I've seen stuff. So what I see... is much closer to the reality than you'd think.

Of course, what I know wouln't seem like reality to you. Vampires? Aliens? Werewolves? Alien spiders? You'd probably laugh.

I decided to talk to the aliens. They were sitting in the first row, with the one named Mai next to my aisle, and the spider Olivia next to her.

I finally knew what was up with this batch of passengers.

A murderer tried to kill an FBI agent and killed himself by mistake. That explains the blood. And why the vampire looked even more jittery than the average vampire. The vampire himself explained the werewolf's anger. But why were the aliens here? They had refused to tell me.

My driver, Beth, is telling me to go right. We are somewhere, I have no clue. I've never been over here. I guess only she knows where we're going.

Another alien, an FBI agent, was just on the bus. Weird.

A blinding pain inside me, where all the passengers are. Someone has done something. Really bad. I've never felt such pain before. The aliens feel me collapsing, and put their hands on me. I immediately feel better. What was that?

The End

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