New Girl.

The woman looked scared she had been helped up by Mai and Olivia. She was looking at where her wounds had been.

I smiled at her. "Don't worry Nobody on this bus is normal. Whatever your story is dont feel like a freak."

Sit next to anyone they will tell you whats happened. Now if your ok with a bus full of odditys, otherworldly species and everyone who has no choice join us. If not I can let you get off before I start to drive. She looked down the bus. Well I guess it didn't really seem to strange. She really had no other choice so she proceeded to the back. Sittin across the isle from a young girl with a tatty bag. She looked like a runaway.

Maybe she would ask her what happened. It would be rather amusing to watch her reaction but I better focus on the road. We've still got a few hours untill nightfall. At which point I really dont want to be around the Pale Guy or the one who had the vague presence of a wolf.

There were still so many people I didn't know on this bus. I would be sad to leave any of them.

The End

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