Well this is familiar...

I acted before I could think.

I jumped out of my seat and raced over to the woman who'd just collapsed on the steps. Ouch, that head injury was going to hurt. Her arm was bleeding quite badly too, but she'd tried to bandage it. Well, if this ain't familiar.

"Hey! Can someone help me down here!"

I was hoping Morgan or Mai would know what to do, but in the meantime I'd just try and help he as best I could. I felt her over for other injuries, thank god nothing was broken. She groaned when I touched her head, good, she was still consciouss. I called back down the bus again:

"Mai! We need your help down here!"

Eventually she left her seat and came down beside me. She looked at me and I obediently moved away. I know she's not that keen on being watched when she works. So I backed off and retreated to the aisle beside my seat. I whispered into the biker's ear:

"Does this situation ring any bells?"

He chuckled, "Yes I think it does. Lets just hope the outcome's the same, eh?"

The End

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