The Woman on the Street

It was getting late and all I could think about was getting a ride to the nearest hospital. I didn't quite forget about the accident yet. My car was crushed into the rocks down the road, and I know that it was my fault but I was speeding away from him and I didn't see the curve coming up. Anyway I managed to get out of the car-or what is left of it-and now I'm bleeding. I took of my scarf and tied it on my wound then I made my way to the main road. I removed all the thoughts and blame from my mind and tried to concentrate in finding a new ride. I have to be careful. I don't want him to find me again. As I reached the road, I saw a bus coming and I started making gestures with my slight power, hoping that the bus will stop.

"It would be the safest place" I thought.


"Beth!" yelled Jase, "there is a woman on the side of the road. Slow down."

 The next moment the bus stopped in front of me. When I was about to climb the steps, I felt the world around me revolving so fast then all I could see around me was darkness.        

The End

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