Ghost Rider

"Hey. Are you ok?"

A the guy next to me nudged my shoulder. I smiled. Someone was concerned about me.

"Yeh. I'm just thinking I haven't seen this much excitment since I used to race".

 It was a really long shot but I hoped maybe he would recognise me. I supose if he was interested in bikes my crash would have been when he was about ten. This guy looked about seventeen, give or take three years. I was awful at judging age.

He looked curious. So I stuck my hand out to shake his. He hesitated for a moment before shaking my hand back and smiling. "I used to be called Ghost Wheeler in the profession but you can call me Mike now I'm out of it. I was a show rider." The camera guys eyes lit up.

 Maybe he had heard of me!

"My uncle used to be a show rider!" Maybe not. "So you sure your ok. You scared of spiders or something? Cause you been staring at that huge one for a while now."

"Nah. I used to have a snake..." I told him the story of the time I won the america finals one year. I had been topless with Diego draped around my shoulders. Health and saftey were nothing in those days.

I guess I was just glad someone wasnt too scared by my apearance to talk to me. I started to feel a little sorry for the escort. I was guessing nobody would thank him for escorting us all. He had a huge gun and looked very tough. I'd learnt not to judge apearance along time ago. Maybe I should go talk to him later. Chat for two guys who get judeged constantly.Though I supose this is work for him. I noticed him get up and making his way to the back off the bus. The Flirtatious one passed shuffling past the escort me walking toward the front of the bus she was asking the Driver where we were. 

She walked back towards us She was quite atractive in a tough way. I thought for a second she glanced at me. Must have just been trick of the light. I heard a deep throated growl as she passed me.

Was that her ??  Was she sexily growling at me??

God that was so fiesty if it was.She just looked like a bit of a hussie before myabe she was more. I watched her walk up the bus stopping mid sentance. The kid next me me laughed at me.

"Shes so hot aint she" He grinned.

The End

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