Keep Your Head Down.

I hadn't spoken to anyone since that Rashad guy. He was nice but I couldn't see him anywhere on the new bus. I didn't look very hard, though, I always keep my head down. I'm probably too young to be alone.

I sat in the eighth row, just behind the jittery guy with the red contacts. I've been wanting purple ones for ages, maybe I should ask him where he got his from.

What happened on the last bus was totally crazy. As soon as I was out in the fresh air, I puked in a bush until we had to move on. I get really queasy at blood. I nearly fainted in woodwork when I thought someone had cut themselves - turned out they'd just farted. But that's another story.

The same as last time, I just sat quietly while watching people; I saw a huge spider land on someones hand (eww...hate spiders), I saw Morgan try to offer the sleeping pregnant lady a book, I saw two people gazing into eachothers eyes at the back of the bus and I saw the fat woman from the broken mini take up two seats.

I thought about phoning my parents and telling them the ordeal that I'd been through. I even got as far as typing my mums number into my phone. But then I recalled the reasons I'd left and quickly placed it back in my bag.

To distract myself, I tapped the guy with the coloured contacts on the shoulder.

"Where dd you get your contact lenses from? I've been wanting some for a while but..."

He cut me off with a deep-throated growl...

The End

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