Should I?

Should I ask the biker what's up? He seems to be thinking of something, and he looks a little pained. Not that I'm being nosy, but I want to know what's going on. But to be honest he scares me a little.  He just seems like the kind of guy who'd beat my brains out without a second thought, particularly if I annoy him. That hearing aid thingy is rather creepy too, like it's part of his head or something. But why should that worry me? I'm sure it's just false impressions, he could be a really nice guy for all I know. Besides, perhaps he can help me clear up a few muddy points about what happened on the last bus. What's with that Morgan girl? I know the injured guy ran off just before we switched buses, but what the heck happened to him? I can't let this story have holes in it can I? Cautiously I nudge his shoulder,

"Hey, are you okay?"

The End

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