Helpful Hearing.

The Guy next to me was filiming everything. To be honest I loved it. I missed being filmed. I always wondered if anyone would ever recognise me. I never wore my helmet when I was in competitions. I got in alot of trouble for it but the tricks looked so much better with my hair swishing out behind me.

I supose If I had been weaing my helmet I would still have both of my own ears. However the ability to tune the sensitivity of my hearing aid was so useful. It meant I could hear the wispering of Mai and that spider.

 Thinking of spiders it made me miss Deigo my old snake. I liked poisonous things. They were fiesty but if you wern't going to harm them they could tell. Good luck to the idiot that was saying they should kill the wispering spider. They would bloody need it.

I turned to see what was going on in the bus around me. There was the pale fidgety guy with the very irregular breathing. There was a girl having a nap. She was here with her parents. Yeh there they are. Gloria and Morgan are still together.

I'm still sorry I scared that Morgan girl so much. I really hoped she would realise Bikers wern't Hooligans in gangs with deathwishes. We're a genuine bunch of people and alot of us are family guys. I scared too many people. I wondered if anyone else on here knew anything about bikes?

The scruffy kid still had his I-pod in. He still hadn't spoken to anyone. That Sophie girl apeared to be drawing him. There was the one whos mini had broken down. Not suprised she was taking up almost two seats.

The lucky guy at the back had his arms around the two pretty girls, and that Drake guy was smiling with Alexus. They had been talking. I may have been able to hear them through my hearing aid. It's not evesdroping it's accidental. Though at the moment they were just staring at eachother. It was cute, It reminded me that I didnt have anyone. Maybe I would actaully meet someone on this journey.  There were a few others but nobody I really knew.

The End

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