Something More

Chief Markus watched as the bus finally pulled out of the Lay-by. There were some good people on that bus as well as a couple rotten apples. The Axe murderer had been the worse though. They’d been trailing the guy since his parents murder. Chief Markus blinked and turned his attention to his crew.

“Alright folk, we got the old bus hitched up?”

The tow guy nodded.

“Good, bring it back to the station for a Final cleaning.”

“Yes Sir!”

“Rest of you pack up.” He turned his attention to a girl leaning against his car.

“Katelyn, I know we got an escort inside, but I want you to stay close to that bus. I don’t think it’s troubles are going to be over.”

Katelyn nodded and faded from view. Markus got into his car and readied himself for the ride home. Next time he saw Mai, he’d have to find out if she’d be interested in a ‘permanent job’ on this planet. He new a few hospitals that would love to have her healing hands, no questions asked.




I lean against the window. The sun feels warm on my back. It rejuvenates me. I pick up My pack and rummage around for “Dolphins of Pern”. Ah Ha! I smile as I pull it out then I turn to Gloria. I can’t tell if she’s sleeping or not. Should I talk to her? What do I say?

“Um… Gloria, do you want a book to read? I have about five in here you could choose from.” I hold up my pack. She doesn’t respond. I guess she’s asleep. I put the pack down on the floor beside me.

I resort myself against the window and pull my legs up. Using my knees to lean the book against I start reading.

I spider slowly drops into my line of view. It appears to be that black widow people were just squealing about. I stay very still. I swear the spider’s studying me.

Interesting a tiny voice echoes in my head. You don’t appear to be as human as the rest of them are you, Morgan le fey.

The spider ascends back up to the ceiling. I wonder if she’s doing a survey of the rest of the passengers. What in the world had she meant? I mean, I presume that was the spider I heard in my head. Right, this has got to be the weirdest bus ride of my life. I think I’m going to read until I doze.

The End

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