Olivia Settles In

What a crazy day. What a violent planet! Wait till I go back home and tell my friends that Earth wasn't all that boring after all!

I'm really glad that pregnant girl had human help. Poor Mai was beside herself when she realized there was a situation that she couldn't heal. Human births are so strange compared to our births.

I was getting hungry. I never did find that little spider on the other bus. This bus had been recently cleaned, so there were no bugs or flies for me to eat, and I was getting weak.

I spider walked the ceiling and webbed my way onto Mai's shoulder and spoke quietly in our own language.

"Hi Mai. I see you decided to stay too. This trip has become way to interesting to leave now. I wonder if I could share a little corner of an energy bar. This shape requires food immediately, and there's nothing here that I can eat."

Mai rummaged through her bag and pulled out a partially eaten energy bar from our home planet. She broke off a chunk and held it in the palm of her hand.

"Here you go Olivia. This should do for awhile. Let me know when you need more."

I jumped down onto her hand and began to munch.

"Thanks Mai. This will do nicely."

Even though we spoke below the range of human hearing, we were still getting strange looks from the other passengers. I heard some of the whispered comments with my concentrated hearing.

" Is that woman feeding that spider? Eww!"

"My God that looks like a Black Widow Spider! They're poisonous. I hope it doesn't bite anyone. Maybe I should kill it!"

This last comment rattled me some, so I grabbed the last morsel and webbed back up to the ceiling, out of range of homicidal humans.


The End

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