Everyone has a Story

"So why are you on here Drake?" Alexus smiled, "I mean, your not another murderer or FBI agent are you?" She laughed. Her story wasn't very interesting.

"I am here as a runaway. My mother died and my father... I hate him. He never let me do anything. So I packed up all I have, jumped on the next bus that came along and, planned to ride it to wherever it goes to." She looked at her bag and opened it. All that was in there was a notebook, pencil case, bottle of water, packed lunch and a small brown teddy with a black ribbon round its neck, holding a rose looked up at her. "It isn't much but its all I have really. The rest of my clothes were horrible. Stupid floral dresses that my father made me wear. My mum always said to follow my heart. So here I am."


Lillith walked onto the bus, but she smelt something, something fowl. She looked down the bus. Then, at the seventh row, she saw him. A Vampire! She growled, but not too much as to give herself away. She handed her money to the bus driver, it was a ten pound note, but she didn't ask for change. She flashed the woman a smile and walked down the bus, to sit on the thirteenth row, next to the aisle. She liked this spot because only one other person could sit next to her.

She had flowing blonde hair that was tied up in a light blue ribbon. Her eyes were a dark shade of green which matched that of an emerald. She wore a pair of baggy jeans which had a red plaid skirt over the top of them and a black blouse. Around her waist she had two belts, over-lapping to make a cross. Then around her neck she wore a white gold chain with a sapphire studded cross and a white-gold wolf's head pendant.

She placed her black bag between her legs and looked at the other interesting people on the bus, her mind swimming with others thoughts. It was a curse, but sometimes quite useful.

The End

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