A new beginning.

Oh my god. That was incredibly weird. One moment, my biggest worry is about being hit by spitballs, and the next, I find I'm in a bus with a murderer on a killing spree. The moment I'd seen the first drop of blood, I screamed and dropped the laptop. It clanged on the floor. If I hadn't seen the murderer just the second before, I would have freaked out and picked it up immediately and check for the slightest scratch on it. But I had just seen the axe. The bloody axe, that, in one swift, curved motion, hacked at one person, and then almost chopped the head off of the person holding it. When someone sees something like that, a laptop is just far from their minds.

When the bus stopped, I jumped off first. Th blood was starting to disorient me... and it's slightly more unpleasant to be in a bus with a dead body. The FBI came, and started cleaning up inside. Not even one of them looked queasy or even slightly uncomfortable seeing all that blood and the dead body. How much of this do they see, usually? How much crime is there in this world?

I looked away. Maybe they found killing and blood and horribly mutilated bodies normal, but I didn't.

I watched as Morgan and Mai tended to the wounded. Mai was an amazing doctor. It was like she had healing hands. If she just came near you, you felt better.Morgan was good too, but she couldn't provide the instant relief that I saw Mai's patients receive.

My dad came rushing towards me. "Amber... are you OK?"

"I'm fine, Dad." Look at all these other people. Look at that pregnant woman. She must be in shock. I'm surprised she didn't give birth in fear. Look at all the carnage around you and in the bus. Look at the dead guy in the bus, with an axe in his neck. Look at me. There isn't a scratch on me. Not even a little blood splatter. Don't I look a LOT better than everyone else around?

The FBI agent- his name tag said Cheif Markus- told everyone who wanted to continue on the bus to get in the new bus that had arrived. I looked at it. It was similar to the old one, just in better condition. It smelled nice and fresh, as if someone had just sprayed it with room freshener. Big difference from the scent of blood in the old bus.

I picked up my laptop and my bag, both of which had been kept in a pile with the other bags and things. I entered the bus and looked around.

Most of the people were still around, either being tended to by Mai, or just trying to get over the shock. The bus was pretty much empty... only a few of seats were occupied. The pregnant lady was sitting with Morgan. I had heard her call her Gloria. The bus driver was sitting in the driver's seat, inspecting her new ride. There was that biker guy, who had helped Morgan in the old bus with the man who had mysteriously disappeared. He was sitting next to that kid who had been filming the spitball fight in the old bus. There was also a new guy, who hadn't been in the old bus. He was sitting in the seventh row, and he looked quite fidgety.

I looked outside the doors. The cute guy with the scar was coming in. He smiled at me, and sat in the thrid row, behind the biker and the spitballer fight- filmer. I went ans sat in the same row, opposite the aisle. I openned the laptop, and saw that it was still on. I turned it off, and decided to take a nap.

The End

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