Back Row.

Alexus went sraight to the back of the bus. I was glad she sat in the far right corner. It meant I could sit next to her and not that jerk who had been with the other girls and still checking her out.

He followed us to the back row the blonde one on his left and the one who had been making out with that axe guy on his right.

I couldn't help looking down at Alexus's T-shirt. It suited her so well. She was looking at me. I told her I was looking at her shirt. She laughed, obviously didn't belive me. She really did have such amazing eyes.

"I'm Drake, I never got to tell you before"

She smiled again. Gosh she was pretty when she did that.

"Nice. So you like thirty seconds to mars?" She nodded towards my shirt. We started talking. It was kind of scary how much we had in common. The things we didn't we only laughed about anyway. Ten miniutes of talking felt like only a few seconds with her.

There were new people on the bus with us as well as most of the old ones, but I supose alot of us are on this bus for a reason. Though many were still filling into the bus .

The End

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