You might not wanna sit too close


I feel lucky that I missed what happened on the old bus. As I clamber up into the new one, I can smell the blood and the stench of death heavy on the air. It sets my stomach growling, and I hope I can ignore the hunger until we get to... wherever it is this bus is headed. I take a seat somewhere in the middle of the bus, ignoring the smell of human blood wherever I go.

I look around from my seat, watching where people choose to sit, quietly observing the people getting ready to get moving again. Unsure of who spilt the blood the last time around, I have to be extra careful who sits near me. Which is why I'm sitting in a seat on the aisle, so I can move away if I need to.

I get a few curious glances, since no one has seen me before, and now I'm suddenly joining them, but I'm sure they’ll cope with that. Nobody seems to have noticed how edgy I am. That’s good. I don’t think anyone will even suspect what I am until I see blood.

You see, being a vampire is so hard, living near so many humans. The smell makes me constantly hungry, and though most of the time I'm more like a normal human – with bonuses like fast healing and super strength and speed - there’s this beast inside of me that can’t control itself. It makes it somewhat difficult to live around too many people.

 I hope this journey is... quieter than the last. Or I may not be able to control myself.

The End

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