Decisions ...

The Commander - I still call him that, from aeons ago, though here he's known as Chief Markus - offers me a choice. Stay here or go home? I can't choose.

If I stay here, everyone will know what I am! I'll be all over the news, and my people will be exposed. On the other hand, if I go home ... well, let's just say I'm more help here.

"I'll stay. These people need me." I don't realise the words were mine till the Commander gets up and pats my shoulder.

"That was a good thing you just did, Mai. I know what you risked to help these people." Tears blur my vision. Since my family were killed - since I killed them - I have never had anything kind said to me.

"Thank you," I whisper, my voice choked. The Commander's been such a part of my life so far - I can't remember a time when he wasn't there, as a sort of father figure.

"Mai!" calls Morgan, leaning out of the window that she's sitting by. I guess that Gloria is by the aisle in case she needs to get out.  Morgan's the only one, I think, who remembers my name. The others heard, maybe, but I don't think they listened. "Come on, we've got to go!" I nod and get up off my squatting position. My knees click.

"Where's my bag?" I say worriedly as I approach the new bus. It doesn't look quite so old as the other one.

"There," says Morgan, pointing to my battered rucksack. It's all I brought with me. I know that most people would bring suitcases but I don't own masses of clothes, and my case was on the school coach. More of a shuttle, really.

I get on the coach. It's almost crowded now. The seat near Morgan is free - she's sitting next to Gloria but there are spaces in front and behind. I sit in front. It's right near the driver - I'll be able to help anyone who needs it.

My magic is almost gone. I wolf down the energy bar that the Commander gave me, and almost immediately it returns. Thank goodness for that.

My intuition tells me that this is not going to be uneventful journey.

The End

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