Off again.

I scramble onto the bus behind Morgan and the pregnant girl, Gloria. Still holding the camera up high, I begin to look around the new bus. It's pretty much the same as the old one, except it's a good deal cleaner and doesn't smell like blood. There's fewer people on the bus too, I think some are hitching a ride home with the cops. I probably should too, but I want to give this a proper ending.

The biker man sits down in the seat next to me, we exchange a brief nod, then both stare into space in the opposite direction. I peer out of the window, the FBI boss is talking to Mai and some of the injured passengers are still wobbling over to us. I recognise Sophie and a couple of others, but then I turn the camera back to view the seats on the bus.

Gloria's taking up two seats and Morgan's sitting in front of her. My pal's a couple of seats back from my space, I try to catch his eye but he's not looking. He seems worried, but I guess that's only expected. Mai and the FBI dude are still talking outside, wonder what they're saying...

The End

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