New Beginnings

For a small moment I think, maybe I won’t get on the bus. But Gloria, she’s pregnant and near due. I don’t think she’ll go into labor on the new bus, but what if she does. I should be there. That Mai girl just healed her leg, but didn’t show any concern for the baby. I’ll go, for Gloria. I’ll make sure she gets to her Great-Aunts safely.

I can get off there and not go Home. I sigh deeply and help Gloria up from the car. I should go home. Maybe, maybe after Gloria has the baby. If she’ll let me stay with her. A small tear forms in my eye. Why did I let Grandma B talk me out of becoming a midwife after Mother was killed? It’s what I’m good at.

I like babies and children. They say what they think. They don’t hide secrets. They give unconditional love; especially babies.

“Do you mind if I sit near you?” I shyly ask Gloria.

“Why should I?” she seems surprised that I asked. I blush and shrug.

I’m not good at this human interaction thing. Mom was all Midwife talk and Dad; well, I don’t think Dad knew how to deal with girls. I still wonder how mom ever got him to marry her, let alone, well you know.

I walked next to Gloria towards the new bus. It looked like a converted school bus. I swallowed memories of school and prepared to board.




Chief Markus wondered through the group as the cleaning crew prepared to board the old bus. He gave it a quick pat and whispered, ‘I’ll see you’re fully retired this time old pal.” The Bus seemed to sigh with relief.

“All right people listen up,” Markus called out to the crowd. “Your belongings have been stacked over by your new ride. Please form an orderly line to board, you can pick them up on your way in.”

He watched for a moment as they all began to line up. Pregnant girl in front with Morgan. Good, he thought, then searched the crowd for Mai. He strode over to her when he saw her.

“Thank you for helping Mai.” He handed her a special energy bar. “Do you need any help of your own? I can get you back home if you wish, or you can stay with the Earthings. Your choice.”

The End

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