Gloria's Decision

I was just sitting on my seat curled up under my poncho, when all hell broke loose! I heard screaming, and I poked my head up out of my poncho like a sea turtle venturing out of it's shell.

The weird guy who was smooching the blonde in front of me went berserk! I was right behind them, and I saw everything, but I simply can't believe any of it! I woke up just in time to see the guy waving a bloody axe around. The axe was literally dripping blood, and he was running and screaming, then he let go of the axe. I saw it go through the air, then I saw a woman from further up the aisle wave her hand, and sparks came out of it. Then the axe did this really quick boomerang thing, and it went right into the man's neck! It nearly chopped his head off. He fell forward into the aisle.

I panicked and ran past him. In my terror I tripped over him, and the axe fell out and hit my leg just above the ankle. I ran out of the bus screaming my head off. By that time there were police cars and an ambulance parked all around the lay by. A cop caught me just as I came barrelling out of the bus. I don't think I even touched the steps. I just sort of flew over them in my panic. The cop sat me in the back of his cruiser and left the door open so I could hang my legs out. One of them was bleeding pretty badly.

Just then A good looking young guy in a Mars t-shirt came by.

"Hi. Are you ok?" He said.

"Yeah, I guess so. My leg has almost stopped bleeding. That nice cop went to get some first aid stuff."

Just then a lady joined us. She was the one that helped that guy to the front when he fell and hit the seats. She approached me timidly, but still had the courage to tell me that her name was Morgan and she knew about midwifery from her mother.She offered to help. She touched my stomach over the poncho. I could feel the baby kick, and she jumped a little, then gave me a brilliant smile.

"This little one doesn't like what's happening to his mummy. He's really kicking. He's probably screaming in there too!" She said.

"You said "he" , it's a girl. I just know it." I told her.

She blushed profusely and took her hand away. I felt really bad. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Suddenly I felt wet.

"I think my water broke!" I cried.

Morgan looked at me, and without saying a word she put her hand under the poncho and felt the top of my jeans on one thigh.

"No it hasn't, she said. If your water broke you would be soaking wet to the knees. You're dry. "

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear so that the guy in the t-shirt couldn't hear.

"I think you just wet yourself out of fear."

She reached under the poncho and felt my stomach.

"This little one is still riding high, she's not even in position to be born yet. When are you due?"

"I thought it was three days ago, but I could be wrong. I was figuring out the dates, and I just evened out the months and gave them all 30 days. Then I looked up the calender that my dad put in my phone for me. Some of the months have 31 days. I knew that already, but I didn't figure it in. Not only that, but February only has 28 days, 29 if it's a leap year. Is it a leap year?"

"No." She told me.

I told her the date that I started with, and in the end we figured out that I still had a week to go. By then the guy in the t-shirt had taken off. All the girl talk must have embarrassed him.

Then another lady from the bus came up to me. She was the one that had waved at the axe and made it go back to its' owner. Her hands were kind of glowey looking. when I stared at them, she put them behind her back.

"Are you alright now, young one?"

That was kind of an odd way to put it, but I nodded anyway.

" My name is Gloria." I said.

I expected her to give me her name, but she didn't. She just leaned over and brushed her hand against my cut leg. It stopped hurting all of a sudden, so I looked down at it. It had not only stopped bleeding, it had disappeared altogether! I looked up to thank her, and she had already turned around and headed back to the bus.

The cop came back with a first aid kit.

"Let's take a look at that leg."  He said as he knelt down in front of my feet.

I drew my legs back and away from him.

"It wasn't cut after all. It was just blood from the dead man. I fell over him, and I must have stumbled through a lot of his blood. I'm sorry you went to all that trouble."

"Well that's alright, as long as you're not hurt. We're loading the new bus now. Do you want to continue on, or do you want to go back home?"

"I'm getting on the new bus. My great Aunt Sarah is waiting for me. I'll call her on my cell to tell her I'll be late, but I most definitely don't want to go back home!"

The End

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