There are so many people wounded. I know they all think I'm strange now. It's too bad. I have to keep healing these people. Why do humans have to fight so much? I didn't expect this to happen on a bus between cities ... I was hoping we'd be in Europe before I was forced to show  myself. But I'm among friends now - someone I know has turned up and taken control. I've done my part.

There's blood on my hands from the people I'm healing. The small silver stars gush from my palms like a waterfall - it's almost as though they are eager to be gone, but that's not true. My magic loves me as much as I love it.

I'm running out of power. I'll have to rest soon. There can't be that many people left to heal, can there?

The other girl, Morgan, was it?, looks shocked that the Commander knows her name. Of course he does! He knows mine, after all, though I've never told it to anyone. He's not from Home, though - he's from one of its moons. If they knew that, wouldn't they just laugh? I would do, if I wasn't so tired.

Only one more now, I think. Oh, no! That woman's going in to labour! I don't know what to do - my people's method of reproduction is so different. All I can do is wait, and heal the wounds of her and the baby. Thank goodness there are some humans around that can help ...

The End

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