All on my camera.

This could be a blockbuster movie or something!

Sheesh, all I was doing was filming my pal shooting spitballs and look what happened! First, that guy trips over and nearly kills himself, then that biker scares the pants of everyone by yelling and then an FBI agent swoops in and stops a mass-murderer from killing that chick! There's agents all over the place now, the murderer's dead and the evidently not-dead man has just done a runner. I doubt he'll be back any time soon.

That other girl, Mai I think it was, she's interesting. I think it was her that healed the one who just ran off. She's seeing to that Sophie girl now, she got scraped with the murderer's axe. She's covered in blood but she's alright.

Morgan's still here too, dealing with the less badly wounded. The axe is still embedded in the murderer's neck. Ew, sickening, but that just makes the whole thing more dramatic.

I'm just standing here on the edge of it, watching. I'm still filming, I want to see where this ends, this is really interesting.

Those toffs at Hollywood'll pay tons for this.

The End

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