My old friend

I looked across to see my bus. Ruined.

There was a dead body still inside. I couldn't drive her again. There was no way I could pay for a new bus either. Somehow I didn't think my insurance would cover a showdown between a madman with an axe an the FBI. Especially since the bus wasnt actually broken, it was just stained with death.

A small tear fell from my eye. I lost Adam and now my only other partner. My life had been about moving on hadn't it. I'd seen enough runaways in my life to know there were a fair few on my bus right now. I admired their ability to move on from place and choose to leave what they knew behind them. Seems that everything leaves me first.

A Big new shiny bus came round the corner. Driven by a man in shades. I almost let out a small cry. I didnt want a big shiny bus. I wanted my bus! My bus had charachter and history. What did this one have but a cold shell.

Wait. Behind it was towed a large yellow bus.It looked slightly worn maybe a few rows longer than mine. I looked back at my old bus and it seemed almost to sigh releif. It had been working too long.

My bus had history but maybe I can make new history with this bus. Maybe for once in my life I had too move on to something new.  

None of my passengers semed to have noticed the new bus. They were all busy in their own situations. I'm guessing the FBI dont want us to stay here too long.

The End

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