Through the bushes

I didn't mean to.She just caught my eye. It was Alexus getting changed in the bushes. I'd never actually managed to tell her my name.

I could see her lifting her T-shirt off. I couldn't help staring. She was facing away from me, but I wished she wasn't.

The FBI one she put on insead suited her even if it was a bit too big. She picked up her old clothes and was holding them at arms length. I quickly spun away so she wouldn't catch me looking. Maybe I turned too quick.

I caught another guy looking through the bushes too. He was comforting both that flirty one who had been with the murderer and the blond one. What a sleeze. I felt very jealous and not of the fact he was holding two very atractive women, but that he was staring at Alexus like that.

I noticed a pregnant lady. She looked stressed. Tiered and lonly.

She had rested herself in one of the police cars she had managed to cut her leg on the axe. I ran over to see if she was ok. I'd always been brought up to be a gentleman !

The End

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