An Orderly Exit

I can’t, I can’t take this anymore. This is chaos, this is supernatural, this is beyond belief. I may dream of adventure. I may think I even want adventure, but this is too much. I slink back into my seat. I’ve spoken more words than I ever have in one day before. Oh God let this all end soon.

At last I hear sirens. Five cars pull up, action movie style, to surround the bus. I watch as big burley man of authority steps out of one of them. He strides up to the bus and right onto it. The lady in black steps aside.




Well this had been quite a day, Markus FBI Chief thought to himself as he clambered onto the bus. His special agent stepped aside to hand him the reigns. She’d been trying to calm things down, but it hadn’t seemed to be working. She was a one on one type anyway. Markus cleared his throat.

“SILENCE” he roared. Everyone immediately gave him their undivided attention.

“This is how’s going to go.” He made a point to look at each person individually.

“You’re all going to file neatly off this bus and stand behind those two cop cars there.” He gestured out side to where two cars were parked between the bus and the road side.

“Once you’re out, my crew is going to clean up this mess.” He stared hard at everyone.

“If you feel your mortally injured, see Mai,” he gave the girl who’s hand still shone slightly silver a nod.

“If you got minor cuts and scratches, see Morgan.” This time he looked at the pale girl in the front corner.

“Now,” he looked at each person again, “Once this bus is clean, you can get back on and continue to where ever it is you’re going.”

“Mai will be stand by the right car, Morgan will be by the left.” Markus turned and marched out of the bus, trailed by the two girls. He caught something moving on the ceiling and glanced up. “You got to get off too Olivia,” he stated, before jumping off the last step.

Markus strode to where the clean up crew was assembling. This wasn’t his favorite part of the job, but it meant another murder had been removed from society; permanently. And that, was what he got the most satisfaction out of.

The End

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