A swift exit

Ok, this definately ranks as one of my top ten wierdest moments of all time. One second I'm gonna choke to death on my own blood, the next some strange woman bends over me and all of a sudden I'm alive and kicking. This is really creepy. Why don't I feel nausesous? Surely after head injuries like that I should at least be dizzy. But I'm not. Once again, this is really creepy.

I sit up and spit out a mouthful of blood. I twist my body sideways experimentally. Whoa, all the pain in my ribs is gone. It's like it never happened. There's a strange woman standing nearby, but she's looking the other way. It's carnage here, the crazy axe-man is lying dead on the floor, there's an axe in that writer girl's back and some CIA type woman is yelling orders at people on the bus. Evidenly a lot has happened since I blacked out. The girl who was with me earlier, the weepy one who bandaged my head, is staring at me like some sort of ghost. What's so surprising?

"You're... you're alive!" she gasps.

"Well obviously." I reply sarcastically.

She says nothing, just continues to stare. I turn away and get to my feet, shakily at first but eventually I stumble over to stand beside the driver's compartment. Everything is chaos and there's way too much for me to cope with. i don't care, I'm getting out of here.

With a quick look back at the girl, who is still staring at me with that shocked expression on her face, I make a bolt for the bus door. Leaping off the step, I leg it down the highway. I'll pick up a ride further down, get to the nearest city and hitch a ride to my destination from there.

I soon reach a large red pickup truck with a big biker-type sitting in the driver's seat smoking a cigarette.

"Hey, could you give me a ride? Just drop me off at the nearest city, I'll pay when we get there."

The guy looks at me for a moment, taking in my bandaged head and ribs, but then pulls open the passenger door. Soon we are roaring down the highway, towards civilisation and out of the madzone. This has been the wierdest experience of my life and there's no way I'm getting on THAT bus again...

The End

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