Still alive... just.

I can hear voices coming from nearby, lots of screaming and shouting. There's someone standing over me, I think its a girl. She's talking to someone, I can't hear who. She's touching my ribs... I inhale sharply, gods that HURTS!!! She thinks it isn't too bad, ha, I beg to differ. No internal bleeding she says? Then what's that stuff clogging my throat?

Someone else is screaming now, I think that murderer guy's done something drastic. Everything sounds so distant, like I'm hearing it from down a tunnel... total "stay away from the light" moment... eh, even like this my jokes still suck...

I can't concentrate, breathing's getting more difficult, I think something's in my throat. More shouting, I can't make sense of it but something's gone wrong. I think they're calling an ambulance or something, I hope it gets here soon, whatever's clogging my throat is getting tighter.

I think it might be blood.

The End

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