His Final Murder

Her eyes are like razors, scoring my terrified eyes out. My head sinks beneath the back seat and I fall on to all fours. I begin to shuffle underneath the seats, and ahead I can see my suitcase. I crawl further, between the unsuspecting legs of a pregnant woman. I reach out for the suitcase and rip it open.

In a final bid of fury, my mind regained control. The girl has to die, even if it is my last crime.

The axe is still embedded in Louis’ skull. I draw it out. In the background, I can hear a loud female voice and in the back of my mind I realise someone has grabbed my foot. My mind isn’t on the bus. My mind thinks only about her throat, I pull free of the weak hands holding me and stand up on the row behind Jennifer.

I am barely aware of my body. All I feel is raging madness, and an urge to kill.

I step over a body in the aisle, no concern of mine, and push past the biker with the hearing aid. The criminal-catcher was behind me, I sensed it, and I heard more shouting and some screaming and she grabbed me in a bearhug from behind. With all of the strength that I barely knew I have, I shook free, and in a crazed moment, I hollered something, I wasn’t even aware what, I heard screaming women and roaring men, children crying, and my axe made its final execution.

The world went black.

The End

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