Just Breathe

Oh thank God someone helped me, but I can’t even manage a thank you. But this guy, he’s bleeding profusely. I need to clean it up to see where the blood is coming from. It’s a head wound. Heads bleed the most, right? Okay, it doesn’t seem deep. I don’t think there’s a fracture. Breathe.

I inhale sharply as I bandage the man’s head. Why in the world did he move anyway? No matter. Keep checking him. Something else might not be right. Breathe.

“Anyone call 911?” There’s a bit of quiet hysteria in my voice. I can’t do this alone. Tears start blurring my vision. Breathe.

I recheck his bones. No arm breaks, no leg breaks but... Oh dear Lord, his ribs. Didn’t I check them before? We shouldn’t have moved him. I knew I was killing him. I couldn’t blink away the tears anymore. There had to be something in here for pain. It was the least I could do. Breathe.

My hands are shaking now. The bus has stopped, oh thank goodness someone did call 911. But the woman passes by. She’s definitely not a paramedic. Breathe.

“Come on,” I whisper, “Don’t die.” Tears are flowing down my cheeks. Don’t make me a complete failure. Breathe.

“Did anyone call 911?” I may have to do it myself. I start fumbling for my phone. In some weird way I hope I drop it. I am scared of calling people I don’t know. Breathe.

The End

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