Can't hide forever

As the bus comes to a halt the strange but beautiful man sitting beside me begins to shake. I’m not sure why, maybe he doesn’t like stopping? Oh well. I decide this will be the perfect time to get some ‘action’ in. No ones looking because they’re all too preoccupied with the bus stopping. Plus it would be the perfect way to distract him from whatever is upsetting him. So I move my hand up his leg making my way to hi---

All of a sudden the door to the bus is pushed opened and a woman, who I can only describe as a female James Bong, walks to the front. I can feel the man next to me shake harder then before. You know I never learnt his name. Anyway, whoever this woman is he clearly does not want to see her. He stands up slowly and walks to the back of the bus. His eyes never leave her face and she begins to walk forward. I don’t think I’m the only person on the bus feeling incredibly confused.

The female James Bond continues up the middle of the bus but stops when she gets to the middle. I can see that he’s looking for an escape, I’ve never seen anyone look so scared before. The female James Bond smiles at him and he sinks to the floor. Defeated.

“You’ve given me quite the run around haven’t you? But you can’t hide forever.”

The End

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