Lost Champion

I was shaken from dreaming of the days when my pride was my Harley Davidson and wore my leathers with class. The days that girls stared at me as I rode past. Not the average chunky biker toned fit dreaming of clutching my wide shoulders and riding with me ; ) . 

 I had been a stunt biker. Shows all over america and europe called me. I was a winner. I did things nobody could have ever dreamed. I supose thats why it happend. The moments that crushed my life forever.

A faint call for help. The voice was so wispered and high I dont think anyone else heard it. The hearing aid in my left ear was ridiculosly accute. Hidden under the skin of a sientifically grown ear.

I spun around in my seat to see the girl. The one who was sitting at the front before where that lazy student kid had thrown himself. She was kneeling down next to a body.

I hurled down the bus. People started to look up from their laptops when I ran. My heavy boots thuding on the floor has probably caused them to bounce off their seats.

"Please. We need to get him to the front" She squeaked staring at the floor Yet again another person was to scared by my apearance to look me in the eyes.

I did as she said and pciked him up.

"Driver stop!" I called down the front of the bus. Being an x-showman I still had that voice. I hadnt used the comanding voice in years.  It boomed around the sides of the bus. Full attention was now on me (although I could hear two people chatting at the very back of the bus). It felt good, but I'm not here to impress right now this guy needs saving. I lay him down on the front seats as the driver pulls into a layby.

"Anything I can do for him?" I ask but shes busy pulling various first aid kits out of my bag. I know shes deliberatly not speaking to me but I stay anyway incase she needs me again.

He still wasnt out of the red yet. I knew quite a bit about the human body seeing as around 18% of my body was sientifically produced after my acident. I'm no cyber robot its mostly things like my ear that was ripped off and sientificaly grown after my acident.

I thought my hearing aid picked up a thud from the roof. Probably just a bird.

The End

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