Gathering Courage

I had half watched the young pregnant woman get on the bus. I wonder if anyone else here would know what to do if she went into labor. I turn to look out the window, dreaming of being a Healer on Pern.

I sigh. I might have the book smarts to be a nurse, but my confidance and people skills were lacking. Not that I don't get along with people, I just have a hard time talking to them. That’s why I’m going home. Not that I really want to go home, I just don’t have anywhere else to go.


I turn around just in time to see a man clonk his head on a bus seat. Doesn’t he know it’s bad to switch seats on a moving bus? No one else seems to notice. They were all buried in laptops, grooving to tunes or; ug, making out. I may seem to tune out the world when I daydream or read, but I don’t miss that much.

It really looks like no one is going to help him. I swallow my fear and stand.

“Excuse me.” I whisper, pushing past the guy who sat next to me. I avoid his gaze.

I walk down the asle, always one hand on a seat back, to where the man’s fallen. He’s not getting up. I gulp and crouch down. Thank God, he still has a pulse but it's faint. Apparently no broken bones. If I can get him to the empty front seat I might be able to do more. I try to move him but he’s too heavy.

I look around the bus in panic. “Help, Please.” I can barely hear myself and hope someone, anyone, will see me as I struggle, moving him inch by inch. Of course, for all I know I could be killing him.

The End

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