A slip up.

I need to get off this bus. Now. Seriously, this is just getting  too creepy, I'm freaking out. That guy with the bloody bag has started snogging another girl, there's a creepy CIA type person sneaking up on them and- horror of horrors- I think I've been recognised. Oh, and the spiders are starting to annoy me. Eew, that snogging pair next to me are truly sickening. Just when I thought this trip couldn't get any worse. I feel sick, really dizzy and disoriented. I need to move, perhaps get some air or even better get off this metal death trap.

I don't think that girl with the sketchpad would mind me moving in next to her? She looks too wrapped up in whateve she's doing to take any notice of me. She's got a good spot over there too, and its away from these puke-inducing lovers and my ex-client....oh god, this bus goes faster than I thought! I'm losing my footing, oh heck I can't stand! I can't stand! Can't see straight, my vision's going funny, oh hell, what's happening!

I crashed down onto the hard steel floor of the bus, hitting my head hard against the back of a bus seat. One second there was blinding pain, then I knew no more.

The End

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