These humans are pitiful. A tiny spider  made a female of the species scream her silly little head off. The poor thing had to run away and spin his web elsewhere. I am also a spider, but I'm bigger, blacker, and I eat my mates. My name is Olivia, or at least that's the closest that a human name can come to it.

Eating my mates is a disgusting habit, but when I take on a creature's form, I also take on the creature's menu preferences. I see another non human down there writing something.  I think I recognize her. If she's who I think she is I went to baby school with her on our planet. Her name is Mae.. I think. I wonder if she's as aware of me as I am of her. she's trying on a human shape for now, but I don't know what her capabilities are. It takes a good deal of time and training to master the very image of a black widow spider. Human forms are easy.

So far she hasn't done anything interesting, so I'll just wander around on the ceiling for awhile. I wonder if the stupid humans below me know that there's another human outside on the roof, wearing suction cup boots and spandex. Oh well, I'll just leave her to it, while I look for that other little spider. I wonder if he's interested in mating.

The End

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