Runaway girl

"You're bleeding."

It's the first time I've spoken for the whole trip. Most of the time I just kept my head down, looking at the the ragged case in my lap, not making eye contact with anyone. but the injured guy caught my eye.

"Yeah, I know."

He looked at my extended hand, I hadn't noiced that I'd reached out as if to touch him. I dropped it quickly (No one noticed, Gabby).

He turned his head towards the front of the coach, he appeared to be looking into the drivers rear view mirror, like alot of people. My eyes went back to my case.

I can't believe I did that! What kind of idiot 15-year-old runaway girl tries to have a conversation with some random dude sitting next to her on the bus? some random dude that was hurt and obviously bad news.

The I heard the unmistakeable slobbery sound  of people kissing behind me. damn it! didn't I leave home to get away from that stuff? I turned around, thinking of telling them to stop when... 

The End

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