My thumb out I hadn't really expected the bus to stop for me.

It slowed towards me like a giant bug and sighed as it came to a final stop.

I hopped on and thanked the driver.

Just as the doors were closing another guy hoped on behind me.

He looked like a student and had large headphones on. He was kinda scruffy looking maybe he had been on the road a while like me. He looked with pleading tiered eyes at the driver, and I see a flash of kindness before she readjusts her steely look and nods him onto the bus.

There were quite a few spaces free on the left of the bus. This side seemed to be full of adults. The right was full of kids. As I stared over them they all seemed to stop.

I caught a few adults looking at me funny too. Maybe it was the long blond hair, maybe it was the tatoos or maybe it was because I'm currently a biker without a bike. Prehaps that makes me equal to a homeless person to all these rich tourists.

Looking for a place to sit the guy who hoped on behind me pushed past paying very little attention. He sat in the front next to a sleeping girl, Prehaps she was daydreaming but they both looked too lost in their own minds to notice eachother.

I decided to sit besides the two adults most disgusted by me. They both buried their heads in their laptops as I sat behind them. They shot looks towards a young girl who apeared to be having a small tantrum and was muttering to herself.

I would get off tomorrow if we were still headed east I would carry on as far as I could.

The End

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