The Cheat

I'd been sat across the aisle from the hot girl scribbling in her notebook, trying to catch her eye, for the duration of this seemingly endless bus journey. She hadn't noticed.

Then that pretty-boy in the Don't Panic T-shirt got on and she noticed him immediately. Not that she paid much attention when he smiled at her...

She seemed shy. Normally that wasn't an issue; careful flattery and a charming smile usually had girls hanging on to my every word within minutes. But they had to notice me first and this girl seemed to be trying to stay invisible. I gave up on her.

I rummaged in my old, worn-out sports bag and pulled out my ipod, sticking on my favourite song and staring out the window. I'd never understood the appeal of the countryside. Ellie loved it.

A sexy blonde got on the bus and sat infront of posh girl who'd been showered with spitballs. She screamed a minute ago - after making a show of washing her face, the kid had started again. I hoped the nerd at the back wasn't going to start showering this new girl with them - I had a great view of her.

The End

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