Reading and Dreaming in the Front

I sat in the front, right by the door. No one likes to sit there, it's got the least leg room. I don't mind. It's not even a full seat so no one ever sits with me. Which is good, because I make use of that space to curl up an read.

Yes, I read on the bus. The only other way I while away the time is day dreaming. But I can only day dream for so long until I need to read to refresh my daydreams.

A scream makes me glance up and sigh. I have to look up every now and then anyway. I'd hate to puke on the bus. This seat does have the best light though. I look at my book. Damn only two pages left. I rummage through my pack. Yes! I did bring the next one in line. "Dolpins of Pern", by Anne McCaffery. I can never get enough Pern. If only I could some how just hop into the book and live there.

A adjust myself in my seat. I think it's time to do a little dreaming. I stare off out the window, thoughts of Dragons and Fire Lizards, Harpers and Lord Holders spinning in my head.

The End

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