I got caught!!!

I watched with baited breath, as the spitball sailed across the bus, towards the ugly girl with the laptop. It was like watching it in Slow Mo. A million thoughts came into my mind: What if I miss? I haven't shot a spitball in ages. What if she tells her parents? Naw, that won't happen. What if it misses and falls on one of the others? What if it falls on My Secret Agent?

Yes. A sigh of relief. The spitball landed directly on her. It fell on the bridge of her nose, and little bits of it splattered and fell on the laptop screen. My Secret Agent shot me the thumbs-up sign.

Me and my gang come from a long line of spitballer throwers. All of us have been in this proffession for atleast a year. This gang has gone through the  eighth and ninth grade of our school for the last... ten years I think. We are the ultimate masters of throwing spit balls. Currently, we are attempting to break the world record for the number of spitballs thrown on a bus. My Secret Agent is shooting this whole scene.

The girl closed the laptop and looked back. I ducked behind my seat. Seeing no one with a spitball tube in their hands, she turned back and started to clean her precious laptop screen. I tried a double whammy. Yes!!! Both the spitballs shot landed on the laptop screen. One landed on the screen right next to her hand, and it got completely splattered. She looked back, and I ducked once more.  She missed me this time too. I decided to give her a little break, and shot a spitball at the guy sitting next to her. It landed on his arm. He grimaced, but didn't look for me. I frowned. Seeing their looks of confusion was the best part of the job.

I shot a whole series of spitballs at him. He got up and changed his seat afterwards. The last one was the only one that missed. It would have hit... but the bus turned at that exact moment. I swore. Unfortunately, it was too loud. The girl heard me, and spun around too quick for me to duck down. She spotted the tube in my hand.

"Grrr... you... you..." I guess she just couldn't find a word bad enough. Oh hell... I thought I'd never get caught in my time in the gang, and I never had. Sadly, there was akways a first time, as I'd just realized. Now the teacher in the bus would be woken up, and told. This would be the end to the spitballers.

I decided to resist the girl with the only weapon I had... my spitball tube. I shot a huge stream of spitballs at her, and she was just so disgusted. She screamed.


She ran back to her seat, and took out a packet of tissues, a bottle of water, and a bottle of soap. Hell, was she planning to wash her face with soap on a bus?

She stuck her head out the window, wiped her whole face with a tissue, and then wet her face with the water bottle. She then scrubbed soap all over her face, and then washed it off. She then wiped her face again with another tissue. She then scanned the bus, but I had ducked just in time. I took out my cell phone, and called My Secret Agent. This was going to be fun.

The End

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