Locked eyes

Hit by yet Another spitball. The posh girl with the laptop and I are getting rained on by them. I only waited here long enough for the girl accross to apear to have finished secretly drawing me.

I have to get out of the rest of the group. I gather my bags up and begin wandering towards the back I see quite a few open spaces. Theres one girl sitting with her I-pod in. I can hear Avenged sevenfold leaking out of one earphone. I don't want to disturb her.

I put my bag down and look a few rows back. Theres a girl with her skirt hitched alot further up than should be allowed. Next to her a guy clutches a suitcase. Shes scooting her way closer to him. He doesnt look happy about it as I can hear her questioning him about where hes from. Shes really pretty and I mean shes model quality. He must be gay if hes trying edge further away from her.

The guy across from where Im standing looks shifty. There are a few spaces where Nobodys sitting. I reach down for my bag and catch the girl with the I-pod grinning at my 30 seconds to Mars T-Shirt. She hastily looked down but I couldnt help wondering about her. I decided to sit down there.

"Seats taken" She apeared to want to be alone. Well so did I.

"Currently by me" I replied and put my I-pod in. She smiled at me again. I could feel her looking at me occasionaly. I spun me head round and caught her looking directly at me. I smiled she had beautiful eyes and we began talking.

From the top of the window a small spider watched us. I like spiders. He began scuttling towards to front of the bus. Where all my immature class mates were. He will need luck to survive past them. A small girl screamed as she saw him.

The End

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