The flirtatious one

I’m sitting at the back like I always do on buses. Providing the seats are free, which they are. Well 2 out of 4. I usually like to have the back to myself, but right now I am not complaining. The boy sitting on the other side is beautiful. Not the normal kind of beautiful where you just have to look once for your mouth to drop open. But the beautiful you learn to appreciate from noting down all the details. How their eyes shine when they look out the window, how their smile rises just above their teeth when they get a text. Of course, I was being subtle about staring at him. I don’t think he had noticed…yet.

I was humming along to the music on my I-pod when I noticed someone sitting a few seats in front of me. I swear I knew him from somewhere, though I couldn’t think where. He saw my reflection in the window and a look of panic crossed his face. It was beginning to creep me out so I turned away and tried to find my favourite song. This would stop me from trying to figure out where I knew this man from, and also from staring at the man sitting two seats away from me.

The second bit didn’t last long and soon my eyes were on his face again. I wasn’t one to let an opportunity go by so the next time he smiled I pulled out my phone and took a picture. I know, crazy right? But what better way to get attention. As the flash went off the boy turned around, looking very confused. So I grinned at him cheekily, and put my flirtatious eyes one.

“You have a great smile.”

The End

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