Meggie and Erica exchanged a glance, and I rolled my eyes.

"Y'know what?" I told them. "Never mind. Let me know what went down when you've decided on a good enough story."

They looked at me in mild shock as I made my way over to where Alex and Skye were... conversing.

Usually I would help him out, but he seemed to be doing pretty well on his own. The occasional burst of that sexy laughter told me he was having fun fighting with the psychotic woman. I leaned back against the bar while I waited for him to finish up.

Brushing the wall-explosion dust off my clothes, I was too busy to notice a new figure wander in from the street. Well, to be honest, if I had noticed her I wouldn't have paid any more attention to her than any other stranger walking into a pub.

Hell, Mai's changed.

"Woah." I mumbled, taking in the appearance of the healer. I hadn't seen her since... I don't even remember when.  Probably after one of the past bus crashes, or something.

"Hey." I grinned stupidly, and she looked down at me, a slightly forced-looking smile on her lips. Last time she saw me, I was a stupid, self-harming - ahem - runaway child.

Though, I suppose not much has changed...

I heard a low curse from Alex, and I whipped my head around to check if he was okay. The vampire staggered backwards, holding a hand against his stomach and grunting in pain. A grin stretched across his face, though, before I could even react to his injury. I watched, smiling, as he leapt at Skye again.

You should see the faces of the people in the pub. You'd think they'd never seen a vampire and an immortal fight before.


I need to get out of my bus mind-set. You'd think after so long of not actually being on the bus would've helped me get back to more of a ‘normal' world type of thing.

Or, y'know... not.

The End

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